Having a well-balanced eating plan will help you to stay healthy, train hard, achieve your best and stay injury free.

Here is our top five tips to keep you performing at your peak

Choose a variety of nutritious foods Choose “whole foods” over heavily processed ones, find a rainbow of colours with fruits & veggies and explore wholegrains. Some processing is useful when it allows real foods to last longer. Frozen, canned and dried fruits and vegetables can be great.

Spread your protein Spread protein over the day. Have a moderate serving of dairy, eggs, meats or vegetarian proteins at each meal, rather than simply loading up at dinner.

Avoid fad diets Now is not the time to try a new fad diet or food restrictions. Your body needs nourishing foods from all food groups to support and maximise your physical and mental health.

Maintain good gut health A healthy gut can have many benefits on our health including mental health, immunity and reducing inflammation.

For healthy bowels, it is beneficial to

Consume probiotics found in yoghurt, kefir and fermented foods (e.g. kombucha, kimchi, miso, tempeh, sauerkraut and sourdough bread)

Increase high fibre foods like wholegrain bread and cereals, fruit, vegetables, lentils, nuts and seeds. When choosing high fibre foods, look for products that contain more than 5g of dietary fibre per 100g.

Plan your meal in advance. This allows you to ensure that you are eating a variety of foods and meeting your nutrient requirements. It can also help you to budget well and make the most out of your supermarket trips.

For further discussion on our diet and/or check-in and request a structured nutrition plan to complement your training, please make an appointment with Silva Nazaretrian by phone at 1800 MY PHYSIO or you can book online.