Fuelling for exercise:

There are a few benefits to eating and drinking before training including to:

– Fuel and hydrate your body for the exercise session ahead
– Get the most out of your training session – sustain quality and intensity for longer
– Help you hit your body composition goal
– Avoid unwelcome and distracting hunger pangs during the session

Most people benefit from having a main meal 2-4 hours before exercise with the option of adding a small snack in the 1-2 hours before exercise to top up fuel stores.
The food eaten before exercise should be rich in carbohydrates to prime your fuel stores and easy to digest.

Here are a few snack options which you may like:
– Small bowl cereal with chopped fruit and yogurt
– Crumpets with sliced banana and drizzle of honey
– Small bowl pasta with a tomato-based sauce
– Fruit smoothie
– Raisin toast with jam
– Tub of creamed rice with canned fruit

Fluids are equally as important as food before you exercise.

It’s a good idea to sip on fluids in the few hours leading up to exercise rather than gulping a large volume down just before you start to allow your body to use the fluid effectively. Sports drinks can be used before, during, and after exercise if you are exercising at a high intensity for more than 90 minutes. Sports drinks, in this case, can also act as a fuel source as it contains glucose or natural sugar.