“THE CORE”: Why it’s important and why clinical reformer at MY PHYSIO GESAC can improve it!

You will often hear sports commentators mention that a player’s “core is strong” after they break a tackle or dodge an opponent. But what actually is this in-vogue word ‘core’, and why is it important for your body to have a strong one, whether you are an athlete or not?

The body has two major groups of muscles which attach to the spine, pelvis, and hip. There are the deeper core muscles, which are the short, stabilising muscles of the body. The other group is the superficial group of muscles (ie. the six-pack) which are the muscles that create the majority of power when moving.

When correctly functioning, the short, deep core muscles that attach to the spine turn on first during activity, and have high endurance so they remain turned on throughout the duration of the activity. Their job is to dynamically stabilise the spine and prevent any compression or overloading on the structures in and around the spine. They provide the structural foundation for movement.

Then, once the deeper core muscles are activated and the spine is stable and secure, the larger and more powerful muscles can do their job effectively without causing any issues.
However, sometimes these deep, core muscles either don’t turn on fast enough or don’t turn on at all during activity. This leads to an increased likelihood of back pain. This is where clinical reformer comes into play!

The clinical reformer is a method of exercise that helps to activate the core, deep stabilising muscles using smooth, safe movements, correct breathing techniques and some specially designed equipment. it is tailored to your functional level, and Its role is to increase core strength and endurance, improve flexibility, improve posture and spinal alignment and REDUCE and PREVENT BACK PAIN.

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