Clinical Reformer

Clinical Reformer™ – Group Physiotherapy

What are Clinical Reformer™ – Group Physiotherapy classes?

Our Clinical Reformer classes (formerly known as Clinical Pilates) draw on a wide range of inspirations, including Pilates, Gym Ball and Thera Band programs, strength and conditioning, and movement control principles.

Clinical Pilates inspired exercise by MYPHYSIO® Bentleigh is an effective tool for the treatment and rehabilitation of injuries and chronic conditions, pre and post-natal management, pre and post-surgical management, and injury prevention.

Clinical Pilates and Clinical Reformer differ greatly from regular exercise in terms of the equipment used and the attention given by our expertly trained and experienced Physiotherapists. Individualised and adapted exercise programmes are available for people of any fitness level, from the very debilitated to high functioning athletes.

Clinical Reformer beds, trapeze tables, slide tables, weights, gym balls and balance equipment are used in Clinical Reformer classes.

These classes are group Physiotherapy sessions in which you complete a range of exercises that are clinically appropriate and individualised, taking into account any known conditions, history, clinical needs, and goals.

Our highly experienced physiotherapists will expertly guide you through a tailored programme of Clinical Pilates at MYPHYSIO® Bentleigh that focuses on dynamic core stability training, supportive and controlled strength training, and postural correction.

Clinical Pilates at MYPHYSIO® Bentleigh is designed to help you improve the strength, flexibility, and tone of your body. It helps improve body posture, body movement, and helps maintain optimal balance as well. Our team of skilled Physiotherapists work collectively to design a tailor-made strategy that helps achieve your goals successfully.

Pilates style exercises can help improve multiple health conditions, including:

  • Chronic back and neck pain
  • Sports injury
  • Lateral hip pain
  • Knee pain
  • Arthritis management
  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation for women
  • Post-partum rehabilitation
  • Anti-natal exercises
  • Post prostate surgery for men
  • Cancer rehabilitation
  • Body-toning and sculpting

Our studio consists of both traditional and modern equipment that can help derive a better outcome from the Pilates program.

How do I start?

One of our Physiotherapists will conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify your main problems and goals, before working with you to ensure the programme is optimised to meet your goals safely.

This requires a minimum of 2 x 40-minute sessions to complete. Once your programme has been finalised, you can book in for a class that suits you. Your individualised Clinical Reformer™ programme requires periodic review (via a 40-minute physiotherapy consultation, at least every 6 months) in order to ensure your goals are being met, and your program optimised.

Periodic reviews will also ensure that your Clinical Pilates program at MYPHYSIO® Bentleigh remains in compliance with Private Health Insurance eligibility criteria.

Bookings are essential for both assessments and classes, and can be made with one of our friendly staff at MYPHYSIO® Reception.

Group physiotherapy sessions qualify for health fund rebates through Private Health Insurance Extras. We advise confirming your level of cover with your fund prior to participation in our class programs.

Onsite Occasional Care is available through GESAC’s onsite child care service. Prior registration and bookings are essential.

At MYPHYSIO® we strive to offer comfortable care, safe and effective treatment that will assist our clients to overcome their physical issues successfully. For more information about our Clinical Pilates / Clinical Reformer programs at MYPHYSIO® Bentleigh, please contact us on (03) 9570 7181.

Areas We Serve:

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Come visit us at:
200 East Boundary Road, Bentleigh East 3165 (Located inside the Glen Eira Sports & Aquatic Centre - GESAC)

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About Us

MYPHYSIO® was established in 2004. We have been based in Bentleigh East at GESAC (Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic Centre) since 2012. MYPHYSIO® GESAC is a purpose-built, state of the art clinic located in a unique sporting hub, that boasts a highly experienced team of practitioners and a wide range of services. Helping our clients achieve their best is our highest priority!


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All our services qualify for Private Health Insurance rebates (Extras cover). No referral required for Private, TAC, Worksafe services. We offer services to Medicare EPC patients, where a valid GP referral is provided. Out of pocket expenses for Medicare EPC services may apply