Poor posture whilst sitting, especially over a prolonged period of time can lead to back, shoulder, and neck pain, as well as headaches.

Traditionally, this is something that we, as health professionals, consistently see on a weekly basis. However, whilst hardened office workers often have their office set-ups ergonomically assessed and corrected by their employer, those who have been thrust into working from home unexpectedly typically don’t have such support and advice and are left stuck at their kitchen benches, dining room tables, or even the couch from which to work. This has led us to see a considerable amount of new clients presenting with postural pain, often as a direct result of such poor sitting habits and inadequate home work-stations.

If you’re unable to regularly change your position or get up and move around (also if you’re simply forgetful!), lumbar rolls can be a fantastic tool to help relieve posture-related aches and pains. They have been found to be highly effective for use in office chairs, home environments, as well as cars. These rolls aim to provide support and alignment for your lumbar spine and encourage a correct sitting position that will not only help the lower back but also subsequently place the entire spine and head in a more natural and comfortable position.

They are easy to use and sit at the bottom of the backrest in a seat against the lower back and are designed to follow the natural curve of the spine. The elastic strap attached to the lumbar roll makes it suitable to be used on most chairs and car seats and is small, lightweight, and easy to store.

So if you notice you are slouching in your seat and getting tight or achy across the back after a period of time, a lumbar roll is just what you need.

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